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When the residential market soars in Texas, so do property tax appraisals. Although, the State of Texas limits the TAX INCREASE for homesteads at 10% every year, the PROPERTY’S APPRAISAL HAS NO LIMIT. This means any excess property taxes above the 10% tax increase limit will carry over to the next years property taxes, which could quickly add up over the years. And if you don’t go for your residential property tax protest against the large increase in the year it occurred, the risk of over-taxation increases as it becomes very difficult correct through appeals.

As a homeowner, it is your right to protest your property tax appraisal value each year and that’s where we can help. Alamo Ad Valorem is the leading residential property tax consulting firm in San Antonio and offers a comprehensive residential property tax appeal and protest service across Texas.

We’ll help you review your annual Notice of Appraised Value, identify if you are being over assessed and protest the tax appraisal value. Once we file a timely protest, we will look at sales and the appraisal of neighboring homes to establish an opinion of value, then attend hearings on your behalf and enable you to reduce your property valuation to a fair and equitable value and offering residential property tax relief.

Property Specialties

We are leading residential property tax protest consultants, helping clients with all types of residential properties in the State of Texas.

Single Family Homes


Vacation Homes

Rental Properties


Our Convenient 5-Step Process


Reviewing Your Annual Notice of Appraised Value

All homeowners in Texas receive an annual Notice of Appraised Value, which values your residential property based on current market conditions as of January 1st of each year. If you decide to contest this valuation you can consult with Alamo Ad Valorem, where our experienced residential property tax consultants can evaluate if the valuation is accurate.


In-Depth Research & Property Analysis

Once the residential property tax protest is filed, we request all information that the appraisal district used to value your property and our tax experts conduct a comparable market analysis to come up with a realistic valuation of your property based on the recent sales and market trends in your area. We then use all the data gathered establish an opinion of value report that can support your claim for value reduction.


Exemptions & Equity Analysis

We also consider the unique considerations of your property and discover all the exemptions for which it may qualify. We conduct a thorough equity analysis to determine if your property has been valued unfairly compared to your neighbors, in which we use as a basis for a fair valuation.


Client Representation

Once we have a strong case file, we present your case at various residential property tax appeal levels to ensure that you get the desired reduction in appraised value. We ask that you communicate what a fair value means to you, and we fight our hardest to achieve that value, assuming it is realistic. Remember, we don’t guarantee results, but we fight our hardest to ensure you get the best representation possible.


Annual Review

Property tax valuation is an ongoing process. Once you become a client of Alamo Ad Valorem, we review your property year after year to ensure that your taxes stay in check.

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Your Partner in Residential Property Tax Reduction


There are hundreds of reasons why hiring us as your property tax consultant in San Antonio can be beneficial. Here, we list only a few.


Aggressive Tax Reduction Strategies

We aggressively protest your residential property tax with the local appraisal district and implement the most effective strategies to ensure that you get your desired reduction.


Client-Focused Approach

Our proactive and experienced team has a laser-sharp focus on client requirements and can help them devise the best ways and means to reduce property taxes.


Personal Attention, Professional Service

Dealing with property tax appeals can be stressful and time consuming. At Alamo Ad Valorem, we add a dash of warmth to our professional expertise, becoming a partner in your fight for a fair and equitable valuation.


Transparent Fees & Pricing Structure

We have a performance-based payment model, which means you pay us only if we demonstrate results in most cases. This ensures that each member of our team is as invested in reducing your property tax as much as yourself.

Levels of Appeal

We can represent and fight your case at all levels of the protest process. Our team taps into every avenue possible to ensure that you get just results. We also attend all hearings and appeals as your representatives, demonstrating compelling evidence to strengthen your appeal.


Informal Hearing

During the preliminary stages of the protest process, our consultants speak with the appraisal district staff to determine if we can settle on a new property value which is favorable to our client.


ARB Formal Hearing

If we are unable to get a tax reduction during the informal process, we will attend a formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB). During the hearing, our consultant will present a compelling case to reduce your taxes, backed by data gathering from our proprietary tools.


Judicial Appeals

If we do not feel the informal or ARB hearings resulted in a fair outcome, we can proceed to binding arbitration or litigation, depending on what is best for the client and how aggressively they would like us to fight their taxes. We will consult with the client individually prior to this stage.

Case Studies

Alamo Heights

Bexar County 24% REDUCTION

Alamo Heights

Notice Market Value: 1,315,820 Final Market Value: 1,000,000 Saved 7,396 $ in Property Taxes

Southtown/Glass Ave

Bexar County 29% REDUCTION

Southtown/Glass Ave

Notice Market Value: 778,820 Final Market Value: 550,000 Saved 6,393 $ in Property Taxes

Durst Ranch

Comal County 37% REDUCTION

Durst Ranch

Notice Market Value: 799,600 Final Market Value: 500,052 Saved 5,215 $ in Property Taxes

Our Pricing

We are paid based on performance, so our interests are aligned with our clients. We charge clients a contingency fee, which is a percentage of the property taxes we actually saved them from our property tax protest process. If we don’t actually save you money, our contingency fee is zero. This means our team is motivated to work as hard as possible to maximize your savings.

Client Portfolio Size

1 Property

45% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with a $149 Minimum Fee

Client Portfolio Size

2-5 Properties

40% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with No Minimum Fee

Client Portfolio Size

6-10 Properties

35% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with No Minimum Fee

Client Portfolio Size

10+ Properties

30% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with No Minimum Fee

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How do I file a residential property tax appeal in Texas?

If you are dissatisfied with your appraised value of your property or if errors exist in the appraisal records regarding your property, you should file a Form 50-132, Notice of Protest (PDF) with the ARB. In most cases, you have until May 15 or 30 days from the date the appraisal district notice is delivered — whichever date is later.

Why should I hire Alamo Ad Valorem for my residential property tax protest?

Alamo Ad Valorem has an experienced property tax protest team who can help you throughout the entire residential property tax protest process. Allowing you peace of mind during your residential property tax appeal process.

How much does hiring a residential property tax protest firm cost?

Alamo Ad Valorem is one of the best residential property tax protest companies and has a transparent pricing starting from 45% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with a $149 Minimum Fee