Property Tax Reduction in Texas

Do you need some Texas property tax relief? did you know that in Texas there are property tax protest companies who handle property tax protests in Texas?

In Texas, properties are reassessed each year which can lead to annual increases in your property taxes. If left uncontested, this could lead to a compounded increase over several years. It’s your right to protest your increase if you feel that you are being overtaxed! Alamo Ad Valorem is one of the leading Texas property tax protest companies assisting clients with their Texas Property tax relief efforts.

Let Alamo Ad Valorem’s property tax consultants handle your annual property tax protest in Texas. Our experience staff in ready to handle your case with the upmost care. Contact Us.

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Hire the Best in Texas – Property Tax Appeal Companies

Texas property tax appeal companies are a great asset for any property owner in the Lone Star State. With the rapid increase of property taxes across the Lone Star State, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable company can help to reduce your property tax burden for commercial and residential properties alike.

Alamo Ad Valorem is one of the top-rated property tax appeal firms in Texas providing property tax appeals in Texas. We specialize in reducing property taxes for commercial and residential property owners by effectively appealing the appraisals set forth by local appraisal districts.

If you are looking for a property tax appeal firm in Texas to represent you at your property tax appeal hearing in Texas, we offer free initial consultations to see if Alamo Ad Valorem would be a great fit. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation

Why File a Property Tax Protest in Texas?

Property owners across Texas are feeling the increased burden of property taxes. For most commercial owners, property taxes are one of their largest business expenses, and increasing property taxes mean smaller profits. Also, if you’re a homeowner, increasing property taxes may pose an affordability risk down the road after you’ve purchased your home. 

In Texas, property tax relief can come in the form of appealing your property’s valuation. This is one of your most important rights as a property owner here in the Lone Star State. As one of the top-rated Texas property tax appeal protest/appeal companies, Alamo Ad Valorem is dedicated to serving our clients with the best representation for their Texas property tax relief efforts.

Frequently asked questions about Property Tax Protest in Texas

How can I get my property taxes lowered in Texas?

File a property tax protest with your local county appraisal district. Gather evidence to support your opinion of value such as recent sales in your neighborhood or appraisals of neighboring properties with similar property characteristics. Make sure you request the evidence that was used to appraise your home and find any errors that may help your case. You will be scheduled for an informal and a formal so make sure not to miss those dates. During your hearing, make sure to stick to facts only and talk about the valuation of your home, not your high property tax amount.

Do I have to pay all my taxes at the same time?

Yes, Property tax bills are delinquent as of February 1st of each year. If your property taxes are not paid on time, you will be assessed a penalty with interest. That’s why it is important to file your property tax protest in Texas if you are not in agreement with the valuation set forth by your county’s appraisal district. Contact Alamo Ad Valorem to help reduce your property tax burden.

What kind of payment plans are available?

Some counties allow split payment plans while others reward taxpayers’ discounts for paying early. Every tax collection agency has the freedom on how they allow their taxpayers to pay. Check with your local Texas Tax Assessor/Collector to see if they allow for payment plans.

How will Alamo Ad Valorem help me?

Here at Alamo Ad Valorem, we take care of the entire property tax protest process for our clients. From filing your property tax appeal, gathering all the evidence the appraisal district will use, researching sales and neighboring appraisals, to presenting before the district’s appraiser and/or appraisal review board. The entire process could take up to four months from our May 15th filing date. Please note that the speed of the process depends on the jurisdictional appraisal district. Once everything is done, we’ll inform you of the results.