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Maximize Tax Savings for your Commercial Property

Counties appraisal methods often lead to over-taxation for commercial property owners. Mass appraisals do not consider the unique considerations that impact your property, and this had a direct impact on your property tax bill. Our team of licensed consultants are experts in commercial property tax services and can assist you in lowering this tax appraisal value while staying free from the stress and effort involved.

As a leading firm for commercial property tax relief in San Antonio, we have a team of property tax consultants that analyze your property valuation through a series of valuation methods to determine an accurate opinion of value.  We then review all appraisal records that the county uses to establish value, appeals your case, and endeavors to reduce your property tax liability. We file all the paperwork on your behalf and attend all the hearings, saving you the time spent gathering evidence and presenting it in a well-defined and persuasive manner.

Reach out to us to learn how we can help you throughout your commercial property tax appeal process and put your money back into your pocket.

Types of Properties We Serve

We are leading commercial property tax protest consultants, helping clients with all types of commercial properties in the State of Texas.




Self Storage

Office/Flex Space


Special Purpose

Our 4-Step Process for Maximum Tax Savings


Filing Your Appeal

Every commercial property owner has the right to appeal the property’s value set by your county’s appraisal district. Our property tax consultants file all the requisite paperwork in a punctual and professional manner to conduct your commercial property tax protest against your property’s tax appraisal by the appeal deadline


Property Research & Analysis

Our team of qualified tax consultants and data analysts study the appraised value of your property, assesses any inequalities between your property and comparable properties in the market, lists any exemptions that may apply to you, and gathers evidence to support your claim.


Client Representation

After you designate us to represent you for your commercial property tax appeal, we take care of the date, time, place, and subject matter for a formal presentation at the hearings. We have a team of attorneys, licensed appraisers, realtors, and former employees of the ARB who can expertly and professionally review and represent your case. Using compelling evidence, we try our very best to ensure that your property tax value is reduced considerably.


Annual Review

Property reassessments is a yearly occurrence in Texas. Once you become a client of Alamo Ad Valorem, we review your property year after year to ensure that your taxes stay in check.

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Experience & Expertise

Our team consists of experienced property tax consultants, data specialists, attorneys, and appraisers who have handled thousands of cases. With years of expertise, we ensure that we implement effective strategies supported by conclusive evidence to help lower your taxes. We also collaborate with local attorneys and property tax experts to explore every potential avenue for commercial property tax reduction


Independent Reviews, Personalized Attention

At Alamo Ad Valorem, we do not believe in mass appeals. We assess every property for its own merits and per its independent considerations. All our clients receive our personal attention, and we ensure that we know the nitty-gritty of every appeal we fight.


No Hidden Fees

We are very straightforward about how we charge for our services, with a performance-based model. If we do not get you your desired results, we do not get paid. No hidden charges and no minimum fees; it’s that clear.


Value-Driven Approach

Integrity is our middle name. We honor our clients’ trust and privacy and never share any personal information. Your property tax valuations and savings are completely confidential, always.

Levels of Appeal

We can represent and fight your case at all levels of the protest process. Our team taps into every avenue possible to ensure that you get results, and we also attend all hearings and appeals as your representatives, demonstrating compelling evidence to strengthen your chances of a successful appeal.


Informal Hearings

This is the preliminary stage of the protest process, where our team meets informally with the appraisal district staff to check if we can get a property reduction that meets our client’s expectations.


ARB Formal Hearings

If the case is not settled in an informal hearing, we move the appeal to a formal hearing with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB). Here, we present all the evidence we have gathered to support your claim and get an official order of determining protest, a critical piece to take it to a higher review.


Judicial Appeals

This is the last resort of the protest process if we feel that the ARB has not issued a fair verdict. We consult with the client prior to this stage to ask how aggressively they wish us to pursue the case. There are two options depending on the property’s value, arbitration, or litigation.

Case Studies

Karnes City Lodge

Karnes County 29% REDUCTION

Karnes City Lodge

Notice Market Value: 2,603,248 Final Market Value: 1,849,390 Saved 17,009 $ in Property Taxes

A1 Self Storage

Bexar County 15% REDUCTION

A1 Self Storage

Notice Market Value: 4,703,030 Final Market Value: 4,000,000 Saved 19,641 $ in Property Taxes

El Picante Restaurant

Bexar County 38% REDUCTION

El Picante Restaurant

Notice Market Value: 851,720 Final Market Value: 525,000 Saved 8,376 $ in Property Taxes

Our Pricing

Here at Alamo Ad Valorem, we don’t believe in charging our clients when we don’t deliver. So, we have a straightforward fee structure where we charge a percentage of the property taxes, we saved them from our property tax protest process. If we don’t save you money, our contingency fee is zero. This ensures our interests are aligned with our clients and our team is motivated to work as hard as possible to maximize your savings.

Client Portfolio Size

Less than $1 M

35% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with No Minimum Fee

Client Portfolio Size

$1 – $5 M

30% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with No Minimum Fee

Client Portfolio Size

$5 – $10 M

25% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with No Minimum Fee

Client Portfolio Size

More than $10 M

20% Contingency Fee Based on Client Tax Savings with No Minimum Fee

We have a hassle free on-boarding process


When is the last day I can sign up for a protest?

May 15th or 30 days from the day you receive your notice of value from the appraisal district. Please sign up immediately upon receipt of your notice to ensure your commercial property tax protest is filed on time.

If I hire Alamo Ad Valorem, how will they help me?

We will take care of the entire commercial property tax protest process for you, from filing your commercial property tax appeal, gathering all the evidence the appraisal district will use, researching sales and neighboring appraisals, to presenting before the district’s appraiser and/or appraisal review board.

If we have a strong case but did not get the desired outcome, we can also assist in binding arbitration or litigation. A cost benefit and the valuation of your commercial property will determine which route we should take.

What do I do if the county has incorrect information on record for my property?

We will work with the Appraisal District to rectify any incorrect information shown on your property records. This would be done while protesting your property value and could contribute to lowering the appraised value on your property.

What is Commercial Property Tax Appeal?

If your commercial real estate is assessed at above actual fair market value, an assessment appeal is the only way to combat the unplanned increase in commercial property tax liability.

Alamo Ad Valorem specializes in Commercial Property tax appeals. The process is often long and requires a great deal of research and documentation. Our consultants have the expertise to take your portfolio through the entire appeal process, regardless of the complexity.